Young people getting into the Blue Days rhythm in the Niamey Bluezone

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On Saturday November 7 2015, the Niamey Bluezone inaugurated Blue Days, a 5-hour event that started at 3:00 p.m. and drew around 1,000 young people to the Niamey Bluezone. A film was screened in the 300-seater cinema, followed by a maracana competition, and, to cap the evening, a pulsating concert offered by the Bluezone.

jeunesse-blue days-niamey-bluezone-niger

The Blue Days, scheduled to take place on the first weekend of each month, are open days of fun and festivity, where schoolchildren and students in Niamey can get together in the Bluezone to enjoy a range of activities: mini-sports tournaments, films, concerts by local or international artistes and a mini-dance contest and general knowledge quiz.

At the November 7 launch, the Nigerien artiste BINTA was perfect in her role at the top of the bill, offering an outstanding show of passionate singing and dance steps that the audience really loved. Speaking about the Niamey Bluezone, she said: ‘‘It’s a great place for young people and for the city; I’ll be back.’’

The maracana competition was won by the team from ECCAM management school.