Technological Innovation, the Focus of a Conference Held at the Bluezone in Niamey

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The Blueincubator-Cipmen is holding a conference on technological innovation on Saturday May 30th at the Bluezone in Niamey, to help Niger increase its autonomy.

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The goal of this conference is to help the scientific community, as well as local teacher-researchers to exchange methods and results pertaining to the various technological innovation-related research projects undertaken so far in Niger.

There is a strong correlation between the economic and social progress of a country and its capacity to train but also, and most importantly, to engage in research and innovation, and to apply the relevant technologies to its productive sectors. For instance, the so-called emerging markets integrated the world economy by investing in research, developing local technologies, and mastering the transfer of technological innovation.

The Bluezone is Niamey is known for being the go-to place for sharing and discussing ideas on research and innovation.