Nigerien Head of State, His Excellency, Issoufou Mahamadou and Vincent Bolloré inaugurating the new Bluezone in Niamey on April 7th, 2015.

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Built on several hectares near the passenger station, in the “hippodrome” neighborhood in Niamey, the new Bluezone is the second such facility built in Niger, after the one inaugurated in Dosso, on December 18th of last year. These Bluezones are located along the railway line currently being built by the Bolloré Group, between Niamey and Dosso, which will later be linked to Benin’s to complete the West African rail loop.


Energetically autonomous, thanks to the photovoltaic panels and the revolutionary electric storage system (the LMP battery developed by the Bolloré Group), the Bluezone is supplied with clean and inexhaustible energy, connected to the internet (Wi-Fi), and provides clean drinking water. This technology helps produce, store, and distribute inexhaustible energy, day and night, which is why the Bolloré Group developed it in the first place.

A public facility at the disposal of local residents, the Bluezone offers innovative services to the youth, including a startup incubator, a modern 220 seats performance hall equipped with a giant screen, a wrestling (national sport in Niger) ring, e-learning halls accessible to all, sports fields, and a health center.

These services will be available to each and everyone free of charge for two months, after which a symbolic subscription will allow unlimited access.