Exhibition and sale of local craftwork at the Dosso Bluezone

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On October 28, the Dosso Bluezone hosted an exhibition and sale of local craftwork organised by the non-profit women’s organisation led by Mrs Djermakoye, the wife of the Sultan of Dosso.

Expo-vente produits artisanaux Bluezone de Dosso

Most of the items on show were made by apprentice seamstresses trained at the Dosso Bluezone as part of a partnership with the NGO SwissContact.

The permanent workshop has been installed for a one-year period that began in May 2015.

Every week, the continuous power supply from Bolloré Group’s LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries connected to photovoltaic panels, enables some fifty female apprentices to attend daytime and evening classes as part of a support programme developed in partnership with the NGO SwissContact.

The full impact of the initiative and the prospects it brings for the future can only be truly appreciated against a background of mass unemployment in Niger. Women are even more severely affected than men (38.3% compared with 33.9% in the under-employed category and 25% compared with 12% unemployed).