Bluezone of Dosso: The Ministry of Vocational Training Visits the Bluezone

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On Saturday, September 26, delegations from the Ministry of Vocational Training and SwissContact visited the Bluezone of Dosso to inquire about the progress of the “Dual Formation”.

Formation Professionnelle  Bluezone de Dosso   SwissContact   Groupe Bolloré,

Indeed, since May 2, 2015, the Bluezone of Dosso has been partnering with the SwissContact Foundation to implement a training program in sewing, embroidery, and knitting. The training program runs 14 months, at the end of which participants will receive a diploma.

As a key player in development in Africa, the Bolloré Group, through the Bluezone of Dosso, supports seamstresses of the region by helping these women boost their activity and increase revenues for themselves and their families.