The Bolloré offers Nigerien Entrepreneurs business opportunities

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The Niamey-Dosso rail line construction project is an unprecedented investment and job creation vehicle in Niger. Already, the Bluezone in Dosso and the one being built in Niamey have enabled local civil engineering firms and architects to demonstrate their know-how.

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“The construction of the Bluezone in Niamey is an important task that the Bolloré group is entrusting me and my company with. Our involvement in this huge project is, to my company and myself, is a learning experience adding value to our expertise. Partaking in this unique adventure has helped us enjoy an important know-how transfer from the Bolloré Group.”

Abdourahamane Maizoumbou, Managing Director of ENBTP.

Beyond the professional satisfaction of Nigerien entrepreneurs, the project helped promote employment through the creation of about 800 direct or indirect jobs.