Residents of Dosso Enjoy Clean Drinking Water at the Bluezone

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Thanks to the Bluezone, residents of Dosso enjoy clean drinking water. Over 20 neighboring families now have daily access to clean water at the Bluezone in Dosso.

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A unique water production and treatment plant:

This service is made available to local residents by a borehole that draws water from an 80 m deep groundwater source. Water is then store in a tower before going through a treatment shelter where it is clean for human consumption. It is finally redistributed to all water points in the Bluezone. This is made possible through the combination of LMP batteries (Lithium-Metal-Polymer) and solar panels, which supply the necessary power to operate the production and treatment plant.

Notably, over 650 Nigeriens enjoyed clean water through this production unit at the Bluezone, on March 8, during the International Women’s Day event.