Bluezones of Niger, a Genuine Solution to the Energy Divide

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At a time when sustainable development and power storage related questions are of major concern for the citizens of the world in general, and Africans in particular, the Bolloré Group draws on its expertise in the production of finished electrical components for capacitors to help Niger meet its energy needs.

Groupe Bolloré fracture énergétique  Bluezones énergie

Through the Bluezones, whose main objective is to help Niger’s population access clean drinking water, electricity, new technologies through the free use of the internet, e-learning training, incubators for entrepreneurs, spaces for craftsmen and farmers through multifunctional platforms, sports and leisure facilities, cultural activities and counselling centers, the Bolloré Group fulfills its sustainable socio-economic development promise.

Concerned with the welfare of Niger’s population and the major energy divide faced by the country, and following the completion of the first two Bluezones in just a year, the Bolloré Group plans to build several others in the years to come, for the benefit of all Nigeriens.

The Bluezones are equipped with 1000 m² of photovoltaic panels directly connected to Lithium-Metal-Polymer (LMP) battery-filled shelters, with an instantaneous production capacity of 100 KW. The batteries are supplied by Blue Solutions, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group specialized in energy storage systems.

In technical terms, the photovoltaic panels capture solar energy. This energy is then transferred to the battery-filled container to be stored. The energy is finally redistributed in the form of electricity day and night.