An Electric Production and Storage System to Make Life Easier for Nigeriens

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To date, the solar power station built by the Bolloré Group in Dosso has made it possible for over 10753 visitors to connect to the internet, access electric lighting, drink clean water, learn, work out, and organize a range of events.


With 211 photovoltaic panels over an area of 360 m², the solar power station captures and transforms solar energy. The energy is, then, transferred to the LMP battery (Lithium-Metal-Polymer) developed by Blue Solutions, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group. This giant battery has a 180 kWh capacity. Lastly, a computer system is used to operate the station and create a smart electric grid supplying the entire Bluezone in electricity.

Thanks to this reliable and efficient equipment, the Bluezone produces enough energy and is completely autonomous since it was launched on December 18th of last year.