The Internet at Dosso’s Bluezone generates great enthusiasm

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Young people from Dosso, who long have dreamed of accessing the internet from a public space entirely dedicated to them, came by the hundreds.

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Since the opening of Dosso’s Bluezone, hundreds of Dossolais come every day to learn computer skills or simply take advantage of the free internet connection for their research.
Thanks to a fast and safe Wi-Fi connection, this dedicated space within the Bluezone is experiencing a real success.
Students, entrepreneurs, business leaders, thus, connect to the internet, free of charge on a daily basis, thanks to the energy supplied by the photovoltaic panel-connected LMP batteries (Lithium-Metal-Polymer).
Several computer training initiation sessions were held, in an attempt to provide computer access to a population excited about internet access.
Moreover, outside of school hours, students from various secondary schools across Dosso, gather at the Bluezone to connect to the internet and carry on their school projects