The Bolloré Group Offers 1000 doses of Meningitis Vaccine to the Population of Niger

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In the face of the recent meningitis epidemic that made 498 victims and claimed 75 lives to date in Niger, the Bolloré Group decided to lend its support to Nigeriens by carrying out a vaccination campaign.

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Under the sponsorship of the First Lady of Niger, Dr Malicka Issoufou and the presence of the Minister of Health, H.E. Aghali Mano, the representatives of the World Health Organization and UNICEF, 1000 Nigeriens were vaccinated through the immunization campaign held April 16th, 2015.

Held in the compound of the Bluezone in Niamey by the Bolloré Group, this vaccination campaign was aimed at participating in the fight against the disease and supporting the Ministry of Public Health of Niger to care for the local population in the face of this epidemic.

“We are deeply touched by this thoughtful gesture by the Bolloré Group towards the Nigerien population. We know we can count on companies like Bolloré, which in addition to offering youth development structures, seeks to improve their health.”

H.E. Aghali Mano, Minister of Public Health