The Bolloré Group Contributes to the Welfare of the Population of Niger Through its Bluezones

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In less than a year, the Bolloré Group built 2 Bluezones in Niger; first in Dosso then in Niamey. The Group plans to quickly build additional areas of life and hope known as “Bluepoints”, which, while smaller in structure, will benefit from the same advantages as the Bluezones, notably clean energy generated by LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries, free Wi-Fi, and clean drinking water.

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Through these Bluezones, the Bolloré Group help Nigeriens specialize a variety economic, social, cultural, and sport activities, and acquire knowledge that empowers them through entrepreneurship support programs, which in turn allows them to contribute to the development of their country.

Additionally, designated spaces such as internet cafes, e-learning centers, health centers, sports facilities, performance halls, start-up incubators, multifunctional platforms aimed at promoting craftwork, and recording studios were built in the autonomous and clean-energy powered Bluezones.