The Bolloré Group Celebrates International Workers’ Day at the Bluezone in Niamey

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On the occasion of International Workers’ Day, which was held on May 1st, employees of the 3 subsidiaries of the Bolloré Group in Niger (Bolloré Africa Logistics, Blueline Niger, and Niger Terminal) attended a convivial lunch at the Bluezone in Niamey, for a moment of sharing.

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The objective of the meeting was to develop team spirit and rally all employees around the values of the Bolloré Group and its various development projects in Niger.

Attending the ceremony were also distinguished such as the Managing Director of the Bolloré Group in Niger, the Minister of Equipment, H.E. Ibrahim Nomao and a few members of his cabinet.

The executive management of the Bolloré Group in Niger used the opportunity to thank its diverse staff for all the work accomplished this year and encourage them to continue their efforts to successfully complete the ongoing projects.