Niamey’s Bluezone, A Source of Economic and Social Development in Niger

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Built on a 3 hectare site, near the passenger station, in the “hippodrome” neighborhood in Niamey, the new Bluezone in Niger will be operational as early as the beginning of the second quarter of 2015.

BZ Niamey et Gare

The station will be equipped with a health center, a computer room, a multi-purpose hall, a multi-functional platform, a music recording studio, a film projection room, a traditional wrestling ring, and a small football field, accessible to all. Drinking water, electricity, and Wi-Fi will also be available all day long, free of charge.

The Bluezone is being built by the Nigerien Civil Engineering Firm, ENBTP, which mobilized approximately 30 local employees for the project. A real city within a city, the Bluezone in Niamey will provide schemes to accelerate socio-economic and educational development in Niger. The creation of a business incubator and a new technologies training program for the youth are currently under study.