Healthcare: Opening of a care and prevention centre in Dosso

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Healthcare is a national priority to help the people of Niger, and appropriate facilities are needed to support patients.

To address the concerns of the people and give them the best advice on coping with a number of illnesses, Bluezones will be staffed by professionals who can treat them in dedicated community clinics. Healthcare is a real challenge for Niger, and Bluezones are intended to help local people.

The Dosso centre (and soon the Niamey centre in 2015) aims to become a place for listening, advice and support. Health professionals will give priority to prevention. It will have a community clinic and a counselling centre where visitors can find out about HIV Aids and family planning. Teams will be on hand to screen for symptoms, and explain about illnesses and their consequences.

They will demonstrate protective measures to effectively combat the spread of disease. In addition, the Bluezone will offer other facilities, including a range of services for local populations: education (classrooms, internet access, etc.), entertainment (auditoriums, etc.), and more.