Backing the expertise of Nigerien tradespeople

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Craftsmanship plays a central role in Niger.

Thanks to the creative genius, ingeniousness and dexterity of the people who keep its flame alive, it has won admirers well beyond the country’s borders. Today, the small trade sector includes a growing number of individuals and companies, and provides a significant source of income for many families.

While industry statistics should be taken with a pinch of salt, given the informal nature of many workshops and micro-enterprises, the ministry of trade’s latest estimates put the number of small trade companies at over 400,000, and the jobs they provide at around 600,000. While the small trade sector is a key driver of economic growth, it is also an essential factor underpinning social stability and access to the world of work for young people on the margins of the education system.

They have potential which, allied to the expertise of Nigerien tradespeople, promises to make a spectacular contribution to the growth in national wealth in the coming years. In order to support this, the Dosso Bluezone will very soon offer a space where tradespeople can come to get the tools they need for their trade: wood and leather work, welding, etc. Machines aimed at households will also be available, so that people can mill grain, press oil and shell nuts.

This multifunctional platform will be managed collectively, enabling users to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The whole facility will be powered by the energy produced by solar panels and stored by LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries developed by the Bolloré Group.

This is a major asset in a continent where the cost of fuel, used widely, is prohibitive, and disrupts the work of tradespeople and households.